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The DPU3K V3 allows for the recording of short messages (30 second maximum) that can be inserted into custom music on-hold productions. This feature must be enabled by Info-Chip Communications for the customer.

You must have a valid, unexpired Info-Chip produced production in your DPU3K in order to use this feature!

Using your favorite sound recording software, you need to create a WAV audio file and then convert it to a CIP file (for use only with the DPU3K V3) using the Customer Short Message Converter utility.

After you create it, there are 2 ways to get the CIP file into the DPU3K:

1) Copy it to a SD Flash card and insert it into the DPU3K unit. You can select your CIP file on the Audio Controls menu on the DPU3K web panel.

2) Log into the web panel with the IP address of the unit. Click on Audio Controls and you can File Browse and upload the file to the Customer Short Message Selection location.

Click Here to see manual for more detailed information.

Windows XP Windows XP

If you are using Windows XP, simply use the Sound Recorder included with Windows XP.

Windows Sound Recorder


These are the file settings to use:

File Format


If you are using Windows Vista, the default sound recorder only allows you to save in WMA format. This format doesn't work with the DPU3K V3. The format MUST be WAV PCM 8.000 kHz, 8 Bit, Mono.

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Audacity Audio Recorder


Audacity is a free, easy-to-use audio editor and recorder.






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Free Sound Recorder


Free Sound Recorder is another free, easy-to-use audio editor and recorder